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Clarity is the future

Data driven marketing lead generation for proven results

91 %

What % of B2B marketers who have implemented
ABM say they are aligned with Sales?

87 %

What percent of companies say ABM delivers higher
ROI than all other types of marketing?

Marketing strategy

There are questions to ask yourself when starting ABM.

Targeted account list

Are you attracting your most strategic, top-target accounts?


Are you converting and closing the right accounts?

Marketing mix

What marketing mix will have the biggest outreach to targeted accounts?What approach?

Content marketing

Are you engaging your audience with relevant content?


Are you measuring to inform your strategy, and to gage your success?


Changes in marketing mix will result in budget adjustments. How much can we stretch?

Target accounts

These are the companies that are most likely to buy
from you, due to characteristics that set them up for success.

Company Size or
Industry Targeting

Sales Cycle Targeting


Clear communication is key to success

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How to start?

Join series of our free start up workshops to get more clarity and
to test your ABM maturity. 

Artificial Intelligence Robots And The Future Of Work

The number of robots in the world today is approaching 1,000,000, with almost half that number in Japan and just 15% in the US. A couple of decades ago, 90% of robots were used in car manufacturing, typically on assembly lines doing a variety of repetitive tasks. Today only 50% are in automobile plants, with the other half spread out among other factories, and many other industries.

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Robots and AI

How many want to subject themselves to black lung disease and a host of other health problems from that job? This is why coal mining towns are dying out. Young people in these towns are moving on to the brighter job prospects. And technology is taking over what’s left of the mining industry. Green energy is taking over, and with it, a host of new, clean jobs and careers. It’s the march of civilization that will never cease.

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